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Frequently Asked Questions


I've done my best to answer as many of your possible questions as I can on this page.

However, if you do have a question that you can't see the answer too, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll do my best to answer your query at the earliest opportunity.

You can either email me at or you can call me on 07733 010912 or 0208 8983122


How much does it cost? I can't find a price on your website.

I couldn't possibly list a single price on the website as each booking will be priced individually and will depend on many factors such as:

  • The time of the day - if it's an afternoon event, it will be cheaper than in the evening;

  • The day of the week - Friday to Sunday will generally be more expensive;

  • The time of the year - June to September and December is peak season and will be more expensive;

  • Whereabouts in the country your event will be - see the travel section below;

  • How long you will want me to perform for - I usually perform for up to 2-3 hours, there will be a small additional fee if you want longer;

  • Do you have any special requirements? - i.e. fancy dress, large amounts of flash fire consumables.  'Giveaway' presents for kids.

If you send me an email, fill out my customer enquiry form or give me a call on 07733 010912, we can discuss your requirements and I can give you a suitable quote.  I look forward to hearing from you.


How far do you travel and where are you based?

Being a full time professional magician, I couldn't possibly base myself in one location, there would never be enough work, so travel is an integral part of my job, I will often spend 10-20 hours a week in the car driving from location to location. But I don't mind driving, I use the time to learn new languages via audio CDs!

I'm based in Twickenham in Middlesex and most of my work is in and around London and the surrounding counties. I do however, regularly perform much further a field's not unusual for me to be in Leeds one day and Bristol the next. I also have family in South Wales and Norfolk, and close friends in Northampton and Birmingham, so it's always a pleasure to be asked to perform in these places.

There is no limit to where in the UK I will perform, but there is a small additional fee to cover petrol if it's more than 100 miles outside of the M25.

I work quite a bit in Scotland too, ...believe it or not,'s quicker and cheaper to fly to Scotland than it is to drive or get a train to places like Manchester or Plymouth!


I have over 100 guests coming, will you be able to cope with that many?

Some events are so big, they exceed the capacity of just one magician on his own!  Generally speaking, one magician can entertain around 10 tables or 100  guests in about 2-3 hours between the courses of a meal. 

I can do more, but it will mean that the guests will only get to see a tiny bit of the magic.

I'm asked regularly to perform at very large corporate events and have built up an impressive list of fellow magicians, all of outstanding ability, whom I can call upon. It means I can provide entertainment for up to 1,000 guests or more.


Do you perform at children's parties?

Unfortunately not, I specialise in adult close up sleight of hand magic, all with an adult theme, with adult humour.  I've spend nearly 25 years perfecting this type of act and find that with the younger age group, it just goes straight over their heads, they respond much better to a different kind of magic act.  Generally speaking, 16 years upwards is my limit.

If you are looking for a children's entertainer, please do let me know, I have many magician friends who either specialise purely in children's magic or who perform for both children's and adult parties.  I would be more than happy to recommend one of them either in your area or close to it.


There will be children present at my event, do you do any children's magic?

Although I don't perform at children's parties, more often or not there will be children present at weddings or private parties and it's not uncommon for me to have a trail of 'little people' following me around the venue.  Just read some of the comments on my Client Comments page.

For this reason, I do have a small selection of children's magic tricks 'up my sleeve', I find it just enough to keep them entertained and amused.


Can we see you perform in advance?

My days of doing public performances in restaurants are long behind me, all my performances nowadays are for private parties, weddings or corporate functions, but that doesn't mean you can't see me perform before you decide.

If you are in the Hampshire, Surrey or London area, I would be more than happy to meet up for a chat to discuss your requirements and give you a short demonstration. However, a promotional showreel can be seen on my Video section.   This is a preferable option as it cuts down on travel expenses and time.

If you'd like a copy of this on a DVD to show your colleagues, friends or family, please email me your address and I'll pop a free copy in the post …or if you really feel that you would like to see me in person, give me a call and we can arrange a mutually suitable time to meet up.


I have foreign guests.   Some of my guests are deaf.  There will be a lot of background noise .....Can you cope?

I can perform a lot of my act in Spanish and I've picked up snippets of other languages along the way, but if there are foreign guests who don't speak English, or if you have guests who are hard of hearing or deaf, or if you just have a loud band playing in the background's not a problem.

I have performed in many countries all over the world, to thousands of audiences who don't speak a word of English. 

Magic is a very visual form of entertainment and I've learnt to pretty much mime my whole act if needs be.  By using simple visual communication techniques  and a few simple mime techniques, not a word need be spoken throughout the whole act.  Even some of the jokes are completely understood in this visual medium.


Can you provide any me with any references?

Yes!  I have performed for thousands of clients over the years, and with the exception of HM The Queen, I'm sure that any of them would be more than happy to give me a glowing reference!

See also my Client Comments page, there are many, many comments left there by happy customers, all who have agreed to let me pass on their details for a reference.


Are you willing to perform abroad?

Absolutely! ...I love to travel and have performed my magic all over the world, for all races, religions and walks of life! 

I spent over 6 separate months performing magic in Dubai between 2006 and 2007. I also regularly perform in Tanzania, Africa and have spent  many months over the last 8 years performing in Tenerife.  Other places I have performed are France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Oman, the Caribbean, USA and Canada …..but I've never performed in Australia or the Far East ...hint, hint!!

I'm fully vaccinated for most tropical climates and am willing to travel at short notice.


Do you have insurance and are you a member of any professional body?

Yes and yes. I'm a member of The Magic Circle and an Associate Member of the Inner Magic Circle (A.I.M.C).

I'm also a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and Equity - the actors union

My public liability insurance is for up to £10 million and is arranged through Equity.  The details are as follows:

Public Liability Insurance Policy:
First Act Insurance, Simpson House, 6 Cherry Orchard Road, Corydon, CR9 5BB - - tel: 020 8686 5050
Policy No: RTT112094 Equity No: M00220444


What happens if you can't make my event due to illness or unforeseen circumstances?

Fortunately occasions like this are very rare.

Illness doesn't really come into it, unlike regular jobs where a cold will wipe you out, with magic you will feel dreadful only up until the point where you start, then the adrenaline kicks in and you feel like 'a million dollars!' I've never missed a booking in all my years of performance due to illness.

If, however, something happens to me on the way to you or just before, I will do my very best to make it to your event, no matter what the financial implications for me. If for some reason I can't get to you, I will do my best to arrange a suitable replacement for you. I know many magicians all over the country and should be able to find one free in the area and “ cash in” a favour or two, even if I end up paying far more to get him there than you are paying me.

If something happens in advance, like injury or serious illness, I will contact you at the earliest opportunity and discuss the situation with you. If it's ok with you I will find you a suitable replacement of equal ability and experience to me.


How do I go about booking you?

I don't use any kind of booking forms, just contact me and let me know the details of your function.  I will need a contact name and address to send a confirmation letter out to.  If you require an invoice, I will need to know who to make this out to and where to send it.

I will need to know the details of the venue and the times that you want me there and of course a contact number in case of emergencies.

 ...I look forward to entertaining you!


If you would like to make a booking, please call me on: 

+44 (0) 7733 010912
+44 (0) 208 8983122

or you can send me an email to:

or you can fill in the form below and I'll get back to you right away.


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I perform as a close up magician, wedding magician and a table magician, mainly in London and the surrounding counties, but I also perform regularly as a magician in Surrey, Hampshire, Essex, Middlesex, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, Guildford, Northampton, Norwich, Oxford, Kent, Portsmouth, Reading, Southampton and many other locations around the UK and abroad.

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