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Close Up Magician


What is Close Up Magic?

The term 'close up magician' describes just that, a magician who performs magic at really close quarters, often within inches of the audience's eyes, as apposed to the David Copperfield or Siegfried and Roy style of 'stage' magic where the audience is a long way away, and the magic is performed behind dazzling stage lighting.

Close up magic is very intimate and is an interactive experience between the magician and his audience.

Because it is so close, the apparent 'miracles' performed by a close up magician leave the audience gasping in amazement. It is a performance that really does have to be seen to be believed!

I've spent over 25 years practising, honing and perfecting my skills as a close up magician and I take great pleasure in the looks of wonder and bewilderment on people's faces.

Table Up Magician for hire

"Dear David, CONGRATULATIONS!! You have taken my family and friends by storm! Saturday 18th was an absolute triumph and about 70 people were in love with you! I cannot express adequately how wonderful your act is, and how impressed I, and my guests, were with your entire presentation. I cannot visualise there is anyone who could better provide a higher quality entertainment for any important occasion. Well done David.  Are you charging enough?  Best wishes and thanks again


Mix and Mingle Magician - Strolling Magician - Wandering Magician

Strolling Magician in London

As a 'mix and mingle' magician, (also referred to as a 'strolling magician' or 'wandering magician'), I can delight each group of guests with their own private magic performance, giving each an 'intimate miracles' demonstration using a wide range of magical and psychological techniques.

This type of magic is absolutely ideal for a champagne reception, a stand up party, a corporate open day or any other function where the guests are standing up.
The length of each performance depends entirely on the number of guests and the time available, but can be anything from a 'one-off' trick taking 30 seconds to 10 minutes of entertainment, or even longer if required.

Some of my favourite magic for these occasions involves working with objects from pockets, using a combination of sleight of hand, physiological deception and pick-pocketing (all items returned to the owner after the show!).

Please see The Magic for more information on this.



Table Magician

Table Magician in Kent

A table magician (also sometimes referred to as 'table hopping') is best suited to a banquet style environment.

Whether your event includes one table, several tables or many more, I work my way round all the tables, providing each with a eye-opening performance of magic, comedy and visual illusion either between the courses of your meal, as an after dinner experience or both.

This approach works equally well for birthday treats or private parties with family and friends at home.

Please see Corporate Magician for more information.

"Well David, what can I say!!!  You are amazing, some people even said you were spooky as they could not believe their eyes!!  You are the best Magician we have seen and everyone who was at the party can't stop talking about you, you were unbelievable.   You have been highly recommended to everyone and hopefully we will see you again soon. 
Thanks so much for helping the evening go with such a BANG"



Need more than one Close Up Magician?

Some events are so big, they exceed the capacity of one magician on his own!

I'm asked regularly to perform at very large corporate events and I have built up an impressive list of fellow magicians, all of outstanding ability, whom I can call upon. It means I can provide entertainment for up to 1,000 guests.

Generally speaking, one magician can entertain around 10 tables or 100 guests in about 2-3 hours.

Although I work mainly in Central London, I regularly entertain further afield in locations such as Birmingham, Oxford, Northampton, Portsmouth, Southampton and as far away as Scotland and internationally when required.
Some of the venues I have performed in as a close up magician include:

Arusha Hotel, Tanzania BAFTA, Piccadilly Grosvenor House Hotel, London Hilton Metropole, London House of Lords Inner Temple Hall, Temple Kempinski 5* Hotel, Dubai Langham Hotel, London No5 Cavendish, London Novotel London West Parker Macmillans, London Rembrandt Hotel, London Revolution Bar, Soho Riverbank Park Plaza, London Ruby Blue Bar, Leicester Square Savoy Hotel, London The Blue Pumpkin, London The Botanist on the Green, Kew The Brewery, London The De Vere Belfry, Sutton Coldfield The Eve Club, London The Hurlingham Club, London The Kings Lynn Corn Exchange, Norfolk The London Darbar, Essex The Mall of the Emirates, Dubai The Park Lane Hilton, London The Press House, London The RAC Club, Pall Mall The Rocket Complex, London The Royal Horseguards, Whitehall The Venue, Birmingham The Volt, London Vinopolis, London Woburn Abbey


If you would like to make a booking, please call me on: 

 +44 (0) 7733 010912
+44 (0) 208 8983122

or you can send me an email to:
Close Up Magician for hire
and I'll get back to you right away.


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I perform as a close up magician, wedding magician and a table magician, mainly in London and the surrounding counties, but I also perform regularly as a magician in Surrey, Hampshire, Essex, Middlesex, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, Guildford, Northampton, Norwich, Oxford, Kent, Portsmouth, Reading, Southampton and many other locations around the UK and abroad.

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